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Joe Budden in ‘Truth or Truth’

Perhaps the realest verse I’ve ever heard.

"I mean, I’m no longer fuckin’ amused
I mean I addressed this shit on “Cut You Loose”
How long am I supposed to stick around for this fuckin’ abuse?
Every time I go to leave, I figure “fuck is the use?”
I endure it for the true fans that covered that new
Or is that just another fuckin’ excuse?
Do I do it for attention cause I crave it, I won’t mention it, I’ll save it
If you know me than you know a nigga treasure anonymity
Nigga thought that as a man, you must be kiddin’ me
And I’m starting to feel like my fans are now condemning me
Listen, I don’t owe y’all shit
Same Joe I am today is the same Joe y’all get
Y’all will interrupt a nigga while he at his place of worship
And think that came along with your 20 dollar purchase
You bought the music, not the nigga that made it
But let me touch up on that nigga that made it
If you’re judging me on actions then I’ll take that L every time
If you conclude “Joe Budden is a corny mu’fucker”
Cause all it mean if I’m a corny mu’fucker
Is the greatest rapper ever’s just a corny mu’fucker
My bad, I’m not as street as you
But all this time I was being me, not being you
I get behind that mic, let all my demons through
Without knowing shit about the people that I’m speaking to
Add that to me not seeing a reason to
And that says a lot in a room full of silence, listen
At 21 I had a drug problem
At 31 still drugs is a problem
But the thing about that pill is it made everything real
And I felt I needed to see
Funny thing about it all, I ain’t like what I saw
Now the lord’s voice is in my head like
“You’ll be DEAD soon for questioning me”
Another lesson for me
Far greater than whatever I profess it to be
Cause if left to me, I’d put our eyes in our brains
We’d over-think what we see and our whole lives would change
But fuck it, that day had to come
Who ever knew that I would have a son?
I coulda guessed it, I was fuckin’ like a rabbit
But I never saw him handle scoliosis like his dad did
Never knew me and Ronnie would talk again
Fuck a rhyme, I’m just happy that we talk again
Who knew that the second I acknowledged you
You would get terminally ill, be in the hospital
The thought of you leaving is what fucks with me
I’m scared to death of getting full custody
Nigga, I look in the mirror disgustingly
So how am I supposed to feel the day that he looks up to me?
I always said you were the worst baby-mother
I had ex-girl confused with baby-mother
And there lies my problem with our creator
All the times I wanted her black ass dead, you wouldn’t take her
Don’t do it now, I need her
Understand, it don’t get no realer
See how I go to bed with thoughts of a damn killer
But rather show y’all my girl through these Instagram filters
Look at her, don’t look at me
Cause if y’all judging, y’all would throw the book at me
Speakin’ of shorty, nah, I’ll do that in private
It might be a little soon for me to let her know how I get
Shit, and now we right back at one
Real quick, let me get back to my son
When a nigga was like
He said “Dad, I’m weird… but I don’t have a problem with that”
And I was like haha… I laughed, and I was like
“Well, number 1, why do you think you’re weird
And number 2, why don’t you have a problem with that?”
And he looked me in my eyes and he was like
“Well, I say I’m weird, number 1, because I know I’m weird
And I don’t have a problem with it because that’s me
And whoever don’t like it, they don’t have to be around me
I’m comfortable with me and who I am”
And right there, that was cold
In my head I thought That was bold
Illest shit about it all, said that at 10 years-old
So I could die right now
I could die right now and feel like he got the most important part of Joe
Or, better than that
I could die right now and feel like he know all he need to know

Fuck rapping bout money, drugs or bitches….This is rap and this is why I listen to Slaughterhouse.

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Havn’t posted in ages. Been busy as fuck with work. Good to be back

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Slaughterhouse - Truth or Truth

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Joey Budden breaking down while talking about his son in ‘Truth or Truth’.

Fkn Epic!

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